Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Should the Buyer wish to ask a question to the Seller, he/she will use the contact form.
The Seller answers to messages or to requests for a total as soon as possible.


1.Item description and price
a/The item is described by its title, details and a photograph. Despite careful scanning of the item, the photograph can present differences in colour, especially on a monitor which does not use the same pallet as the Buyer’s monitor.
b/The price « fixed price » refers to the item described in the title – such as «unit» -> the item consists of a single item.
c/VAT not applicable (not returned as not recovered), CGI art. 293B

2.Postage Costs
Forwarding charges include the amount of the postage as well as the fee of treatment and packaging

a/An order not paid within 7 days will be cancelled

b/Modes of payment
  - SEPA Bank transfer
  - French check only 
  - Credit and Debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  - Species (for hand delivery only)
  - Paypal (except for hand delivery)
d/Payment with Paypal
According to the rules of Paypal:
- No Paypal payment will be accepted for hand delivery.


a/The shipment will be made after the receipt of the payment.
b/The shipment will be made in the 2 French working day after the reception of the payment..
c/Recept delay: the Seller cannot guarantee the shipment delay through La Poste (French Post Office).
e/For any made sending (except European Union) customs charges can apply

6. Buyer’s Right To Cancel
In accordance with the Law regulating the email-order selling, should the Buyer not be satisfied with his/her transaction, he/she has a right to cancel it and then must return the concerned items without penality and without specifying the reason.
This cancelling right will be fulfilled only if he sends a message to the Seller through the contact form/
The Buyer will send back his/her items within 14 days after the reception of the item(s) to the following address: Mme AUPIAIS 11, Avenue de Joinville 94340 Joinville le Pont France.
The shipment costs will be supported by the Buyer. In no case should the restitution be done cash on delivery or sending carriage forward.
The return is made under the responsibility of the buyer, at his expense to insure it suitably.
The items must be restitued in their original shipment, intact and not used.
The cancelling right cannot be used in the following cases:
a/Items sold as a packaging, or sealed if the wrapping has been opened and / or damaged by the Buyer.
b/Personalized items
c/Used or damaged items by the Buyer
The Buyer will be reimbursed within 7 days after the reception of the sent back items and verification of their state.

7. Dispute
If a problem occurs with a shipment, the Buyer informs the Seller through the contact form.

The European Commission set up a platform to help in the regulation of the disputes concerning the e-commerce


Finally, only the Commercial Court of Créteil (France) has juridiction on the problem.